1. Got very sick last day of a cruise in January- lost 35lbs- have kept the weight off- changed diet and feel much better as a result.
2. Nothing has killed me yet.
3. The year was slow, but I've paid the bills and out still owe no debts.
4. My son got his pilot license, so I get to fly once in a while.
5. Daughter was able to get grants for college- since she got married a year ago.
6. Those who voted for Mr "O" are starting to feel his wrath.

1. Daughter getting a divorce (And I really like the son in law ),- out 6k bucks for the wedding.
2. Lost faith in Americans due to the presidential election outcome.
3. Had to turn down a few jobs due to the heat, my age and being busy.
4. Property taxes went up as well as health insurance.

All in all- I'm glad to be around- life is not easy sometimes, but it's good to be around to accept the good with the bad.