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    I blame you guys

    I've been reading this sight for a while and ran across how iPads and such make your life easier. Well I made the mistake of saying "Boy this sounds good" to my wife and now I have one. I am computer illiterate and need some help.
    I tried down loading the Mitsubishi my link through drop box and it didn't come through completly. How do I down load stuff to this contraption? As of right now I only have intenet at home until I get this thing working like I want to.

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    Good luck, Ipads suck for file management. What worked best for me is to download the QuickOffice Pro HD app from the app store. Then you can access all your dropbox files easily and transfer them to your Ipad storage.

    Also when you download a PDF in your browser there is an option to open in QuickOffice after which you can save it wherever you want.

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    Get a PDF reader app of some kind, view the file in safari, do "open in PDF reader", then save it in there. Once you get the hang of it you'll love it.

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    since i got my ipad i rarely turn on my laptop. that being said file management does suck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by littlebigdad View Post
    I blame you guys

    it only gets worse
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    I'm reading this on my iPad as we speak. It has it's pros and cons. For one Lennox Davenet is not supported yet on iPad. They said sometime soon. Strange I can use it on my Android phone but not on iPad.
    On the other hand I rarely use my laptop if I'm not at my desk anymore.
    I do use it as a navigational device with a stand alone gps through Bluetooth. Gets me to my duckblind every weekend without 4g.

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    We are getting Ipads in work soon to replace our net books. I was just learning how to use the net book now I got to start over.
    You need to put the phone down and get back to work!

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    I appreciate all the input ,at 50 and not needing the computer until recently I'm way behind on the times

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