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    Looking for quiet condensate pump

    Hi I am new to this forum so I apologize in advance if I break a rule or ask something stupid.

    I just had my oil furnace replaced with a new gas Bryant 987MA Evolution furnace. One of the main reasons that I decided on this model is because it is quiet. The furnace is in the basement but is directly underneath the family room so I wanted as little noise as possible. So far, I am very pleased with my new heater (heats very evenly and comfortably and is very quiet!) but the condensate pump that was installed with it is very noisy. I can even hear it on the second floor!

    I asked my installer if something could be done to make it quieter, and he switched out the original pump with a different brand. Sadly, the 2nd one is just as loud. It sounds like a small airplane taking off. The model that is currently installed is a Beckett CB201UL. I am not certain what the exact model of the first pump was but it was a Diversitech CP-22something.

    I wanted to know if anyone can recommend a very quiet pump as a replacement. I did read some other forums and made sure that it is not rattling against the side of the furnace (which it definitely isn't). I even put some cushioning between the pump and the furnace to be certain. No good. Still very loud. It's the motor itself that is the noisy culprit. Any recommendations?

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    Little giant are nice and quiet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syndicated View Post
    Little giant are nice and quiet.
    I agree, but I like ClearVue better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NY2GA01 View Post
    I agree, but I like ClearVue better.
    we have more complaints about the ramping noise it makes than a Little Giant.

    also, more failures with these than Little Giant. the sensor bars fail to sense correctly and either continually pump or don't pump at all.

    finally, they can be slow to react if you have a large volume of inflow and cause the safety to trip and short cycle equipment.

    my $.02

    P.S. - I have seen a box made to cover it, lined with sound deadening material.
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