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    Data Logger For Furnace

    I need a data logger (cheat hopefully) to log the starts and runtime of an oil furnace.

    I searched on Google and found a few options, but I wanted to check to see if anyone here has any suggestions.


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    If you want a good data logger, not cheap, then the OnWatch 51 may be what you need to find pesky intermittent problems including burner manifold input and output gas pressures.
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    if you only need to check run times then a cheap time-temp recorder would give you that.

    put the temp sensor in the plenum.

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    I have used these for years. They are good and reliable. Regards TB
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    I was looking at those, I may give one a try.

    Thanks everybody!

    Quote Originally Posted by teddy bear View Post

    I have used these for years. They are good and reliable. Regards TB

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    There are some good data loggers out there. Some are better then others and some are limited to what they measure and the time they can log.

    It depends on what your are trying to log on this furnace.

    If you are just trying to find run times and temp changes there are a few out there for a good price.
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    Amprobe & Dickson Instruments make real time recorders of all types, including start & stop. They are easily available used on EBay.
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    Our office actually recieved the best price from here
    Customer service was average. The data loggers worked as good as any, and the selection was vast.

    I am not experienced at repairs and have no practical HVAC experience. I was wondering how to attach my run time data logger which has two red and black alligator clips. I chose this type so that that I could attach to an electrical component that changes volte when a furnace or DX compressor starts or stops. In the summer, and out at the compressor/condenser, I imagined that one relay would be the best place to attach this logger, but I was afraid of a higher voltage getting sent through my logger. I attached the two red and black data logger alligator clips to the small wired side of a relay. No electrical open or closed signal was ever sent to my data logger, and my efforts that summer produced no results. (although, with my dissimilar -dry bulb/ dew point/ RH- data loggers, from Beach Logic, I was able to log the outdoors, attic temp., return air before the coil and the the supply at the register of two different ducts).

    Now that I am trying to log the run time on my furnace I am equally as lost.

    I have attached URLs of photos of my furnace. Any suggestions as to where I could attain a small change in electricity on my furnace before January is over?

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    Thank you for your time and effort.

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