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    I think I made a booboo

    First time poster here. I've previously lived in apartments my entire life, but finally moved into a townhome with an attic. There is some HVAC equipment in the attic, and I think I made a boo boo. I was trying to clean up my Christmas decorations and was putting my Christmas tree up in the attic. There are a few black pipes in the attic and one of the branches of my tree got snagged on one. It put a small hole in one of these lines. I'm not sure what, if anything, I need to do to fix this. I had some packaging tape up there with me so I covered the hole with that. I have attached a picture so you can see what I'm talking about. I hope that you will tell me it is no big deal and that I'm freaking out over nothing, but as I've never dealt with this stuff before I want to be doubly sure I didn't just mess something up...

    Pic of hole:

    Here's one with the flash off so you can see the hole better.
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    you need to take another picture wile standing away from it, not on top if it like that.

    That did not look like a gas pipe, or a pipe of any kind to me. It looks like a duct, and I have seen worse repair jobs than that.
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    Depends if it made a hole in the liner or not. If no hole in liner, your ok.
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    Thank you for getting back to me. I tried to get some better shots. Here is one from a little further away and another from the back so you can see what exactly this thing feeds into.

    front (where hole is):


    Edit: How would I tell if it made a hole in the liner or not? Also, if it did make a hole in the liner, what do I need to do for that?

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    I doubt you made a hole in the liner, that black type of outer jacket flex is pretty tough and it would take some pretty good force to puncture all the way through it. If you're that worried call a hvac tech out to check it. If you don't feel any air blowing out or sucking in the hole when the fan is on there's not a hole in the liner.

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    I will go up there and check it next time the system kicks on to make sure I don't feel any air blowing out or sucking in. If I do, I will be sure to call someone ASAP. Thank you.

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