Just a couple questions and seeking some input on a couple things. While in trade last year for HVAC, one of my instructors explained to get into a field with an open mind, get out get a job, get some experience, and find out where you want to be interms of career and what challenges/motivates you.

Being 30 when I first got into training for HVAC program, then moving on to Industrial Tech for Maintenance Mechanic type trade program, really excited just to be doing something I enjoyed and could hold me down financially. The idea was to get into a HVAC company grunt, or industrial warehousing and learn commercial work HVAC/Maintenance etc..

Well right out of school got picked up by a long standing fireplace shop in town and its been almost 7 months and I have come to love 99% of the job, work, and environment. Pretty much sold on learning everything I can about this niche of the heating side and see a longterm future in it. I understand its a previlege to work and work in something you love is few and far between fresh out of trade.

Most of us have heard the saying "find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life." Well I literally can work 24 hours straight if they let me, its fun, its challenging, I just can't get enough of it. My questions are: Have you guys been in this situation when you first got into the industry where you found the path? I understand you have to justify your existence everyday and work hard and you can be laid off or fired things change but I can really see myself doing this for many years.

So the questions: Would you go all in and have you on a job you just got or do you play it close to the vest sponge up and be ready for next opportunity? Is putting all your chips in a bad thing when it comes to your professional career? I really feel no matter what your doing shining shoes, raking leaves, whatever do your best you can at it or strive for it. But it this situation early on in your career maybe getting too attached may lead to you missing some other opportunities in our industry? Being a chimney sweep seems pretty cool to me, doing the pellet service/Gas service and repairs is just the icing on the cake but in California the one thing you can bet on is restrictions wood burning is very very bad word and they have cut the burn days in half seems like everyother year, may be wood burning products may be an fading industry at least here which would greatly affect the career/job future? Just thinking out loud and asking for input. Apologize for the poor grammar and puncuation you guys have a cool weekend.