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    Trying to decide whether to replace Thermopile or RV8310 Valve?

    I have a Vermont Castings gas fireplace with a Honeywell RV8310 RF valve.
    Here is what is happening...
    Sometimes it works fine for hours.
    Sometimes the pilot goes out.
    Sometimes the unit calls for heat and the fan goes on, but the main burner does not light, and the pilot is still lit.
    The pilot is always fairly easy to light and leave in the "pilot" position, but sometimes when I turn the knob to "on", there is a click and the pilot goes out.

    Here is what I have checked and tested...
    Both thermopiles read 600+ mV open circuit. I tested this with the pilot on, while holding the pilot light button in.
    When testing them in circuit, they fluctuate between 370-420 mV.

    When the pilot is lit, and the unit is in the "on" position, the red LED flashes once about ever 1.5 seconds. It does this even with no batteries in the remote, so it is not getting commands from the remote. According to my manual, it should only flash when it receive a valid code from the remote or if there is an error. I am not getting any error codes as described in the manual.

    I have cleaned the thermopiles with no luck.

    The question is, do I replace the thermopiles or the valve. The symptom that concerns me most is when the pilot remains lit and the unit is calling for heat and the fan is on, but the main burner is not. This symptom seems atypical for indicating bad thermopiles.

    All suggestions appreciated.


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    Save yourself some time and money and have someone qualified come out and fix it once

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    Your therm-o-pile is not producing enough mv to always keep the valve open, and it sounds like you may have something I call flame drift in the pilot. I agree with the above person you should have it looked at by a Qualified person in your area.

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    I would change both thermopiles and make sure the white leads off the thermopiles are placed where the white dots are on the gas valve. They are polarity sensitive, so if the white lead is in the wrong position you'll have problems.

    Let us know what you experienced.

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    Thermopiles are cheap for a good reason.....replace them

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    Thanks for all the feedback, I especially liked the ones suggesting getting someone qualified. I have a friend who owns a large HVAC supply house in NY and his people suggested replacing the valve. I got almost as many suggestions to change the valve as I did the thermopiles. Since the thermopiles were cheap, I did that first, with no luck. I got a replacement valve at a good price with fast shipping from My fireplace is working great. Now that I have replaced the valve and thermopiles, the only thing remaining that can go bad is the fan.

    Thanks again


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