Hi guys,
Currently I am a start up tech. in new residential construction and start up muti-zoned dampered systems with AprilAire fresh air vents and Ultra zone damper boards. It has really been challenging and rewarding setting up Central systems and at the same time a grueling learning experience. I feel my time will be best spent working at mastering to the best of my ability these residential systems instead of becoming a "Jack of All Trades" if you will in this huge industry. After seeing what dedication people in different areas of this HVAC field it becomes apparent that one tiny little piece of the Comfort Cooling pie is more than I could ever learn in a few years. Duct blasters, installers, sales, service management, warranty, designers, are all extremly specialized skill sets which will take a long time to master and really excel in. Is this the right way of looking at this industry as a chosen career and not just a job to pay the bills?