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    tan color is probably just a little rust on the black metal, it does tend to rust quickly but does not hurt the motor.

    as long as it's working and you're planning on replacing the furnace i would not be in a rush to change the inducer.

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    Thanks! The inducer is working fine but it has gotten a little bit louder than it used to be. We will probably go ahead and replace the furnace next winter since it is oversized and our current budget can't afford a new one now. One of the other reasons we want to replace is because to get variable speed to increase the efficiency of our Trane XR15 to 16.50 seer. Thanks again for all the input!

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    Hope your inducer bearings hold out until at least until spring The variable speed is excellent for comfort, but payback time can sometimes be long vs. a standard PSC motor. Know how long it will take to pay for the variable speed motor in energy savings if that is your primary motivation for the VS furnace.

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    One of our newer techs was checking amps on G40 inducers and I've received calls asking why the readings are so high.
    Once they move the clamp further down the wire, away from the motor, the readings fall in line.
    The G40 doesn't have a cage around the windings, so it projects its magnetic field much further.

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