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Thread: Trane Mufflers.

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    Trane Mufflers.

    I encountered my first Trane muffler.
    I almost figured it was just a filter-drier
    and was going to cut it out, but at the last
    minute called the senior tech and he vaguely
    clued me in--"leave it."

    Since almost (?) nobody else uses them,
    do they really do anything? Has anybody
    been to Trane training and received more
    info on them? Just curious. I did read the
    one thread on here that says they NEVER clog
    or anything, to not touch them. Like I said,
    I'm just curious.

    On that same note of curiousness, the same
    unit had one of those tiny copper filter-driers.
    (I removed it and brazed in a big-blue bi-directional
    on the liquid line.) It was outside of the coil but inside
    a side panel on the outside unit. (I say "outside"
    because it was a heat pump.) Are these things
    inferior to the more common big blue filter-driers?
    Does anybody make a point of replacing them with
    the same copper type or is a big blue filter-drier
    just fine?

    Thank you.
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