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    should I upgrade my Trane units?

    I live in south Texas (San Antonio) area and have some recent quotes to upgrade/replace my current 5 and 4 ton Trane units. Both units were installed in 1999 when the 3600 sq ft house was built.

    So far the units have been operating well with regular service (twice a year as part of a service plan). Each time the service guy comes out he gives me a list of things that should be done such as cleanups, water switches, contacts replacements, etc.

    I've only had a few situations when things really needed some work (electrical and compressor freeze up) but I am seriously considering doing the full replacement of both units (furnace, AC and coil). My current service company is giving me 2 quotes for 16 seer units: 1 for a replacement with Lennox systems (approx $k) and another with Trane systems ($K). I'm leaning toward the Lennox systems since I was told they have good luck with Lennox.

    My first question is should I be proactive and do a full system replacement for these 2 systems that are about 13+ years old or wait until something fails hard?

    If proactive replacement makes sense then should I pay more for the Trane (XR15 VS) or will the Lennox (14ACX + ML180E) units be ok?

    appreciate any info - thanks in adance!
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