I went on a call today Coleman model 7995-6561D. Anyways the board was weak flame signal so I checked burners and burner orifice seemed to be clear. Has no flame sensor and has a flat ignitor. But I am not sure what it is called but halfway up the heat exhnger is what I call a flame diverter it is round and has 4 mounts to heat exchanger. Well 2 of the mounts has broken off and hanging down which can't be good. Are those repairable and ca you even get parts for something like that? I checked for CO cause wher it was mounted at for screw or rivets there is now a hole in those spots. Does anyone have a diagram of this furnace of heat exchanger? I thnk the way this diverter is hanging it is throwing the pattern off the flame. Trying to talk him into a new furnace healready has had another contractor there and they never went into much depth as I did and never even looked at the heat exchanger.