I am in a new house and thanks to early advise I've had all of the improperly installed flex duct removed and replaced with sheet metal. At the same time I have a Bryant Evolution 98M furnace and controller installed. The supply and return trunk lines are still ductboard and there is a 5" air filter installed that is MERV 13.

About every two-three weeks I get a notice that my air filter needs to be changed, and I'm wondering if it is due to too high of pressure in the system on the supply side and what is the best fix to have a company due if I'm correct.

I ran the system with the filter in and filter door closed, filter out and filter door closed and finally filter out and filter door open to see the various readings. I also took a photo up the supply plenum and I"m wondering if this is the issue. The supply goes straight up into two ductboard runs that are in two seperate joist bays which connect to the main trunk line all of the 6" round connect to to supply each room.

I'd ask the Bryant and ACCA recommend company (builder selected) that did the install, but after they installed the evolution system and I asked them what I needed to know, I was told. "We don't know, this is only the 2nd system we have installed like this." So I've been trying to learn it as I go.

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