I am in a 2 story condo in FL built 4 years ago, and my neighbor has been mentioning to me for some time that water is coming from the drainage pipe outside near the A/C. I ignored her because I thought she was talking about the dripping it's supposed to do as it gets rid of the condensation.

I just got my water bill, though, and it's up by nearly $30. Upon looking at the pipe, one (not both) of the drainage pipes has a steady stream of water coming out... definitely not drips, and whether the ac is running or not.

I checked the air handler on the 2nd floor, and there is no evidence of a leak up there that I can see, and there is a float switch which has not tripped.

I've blown out the line before with compressed air in a previous house, but if it were clogged with algae, my understanding is that the second line would be leaking and/or the float switch would have tripped, right? It's been a few years since dealing with a/c issues.

Am I correct in now assuming that there must be an actual leak somewhere to cause a steady stream as opposed to simply wicking of the condensation?

Could it be in the attic somewhere? I knew a lot more about the a/c system in my last house as I was there when it was installed and bought the installers lunch so I could ask a few questions. Not so much about this one.