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    Buderus settings help

    Got a Buderus 115 with logamatic control, room sensor, and outdoor reset a few months ago. I have noticed recently that the actual indoor temp is a fair amount higher that the setting on the room sensor. For example, over the past few days with temps in the 30's to low 40's in SE Pa, I have had the room sensor set at about 66-68, but the indoor temp is actually around 73-75. (Note: I have kept it in day mode to get a better sense of what is going on with set vs actual temp). Looking for advice from the Buderus experts to get the settings right.

    here is where everything is currently set:

    Ref Temp is currently set at 175.
    Offset is 0.
    Bldg response is set at 2.
    Room Comp is at 5.

    [Also, as many of you know, I had some black sludge coming from the stack a few months ago when there was some wind blown rain coming down the chimney. (See thread titled "black sludge coming from chimney"). I mention that because when the technician made adjustments to address that, in addition to adding a barometric damper, he may also have made made some adjustments to the heating curve to prevent condensation. My suspicion is the primary issue was the lack of any barometric damper whatsoever.]

    So, from my layman's perspective it appears that there are at least three options I can do to get the set temp to better match the actual room temp.

    1) I could lower the reference temperature to "flatten" the heating curve.

    2) I could set the Offset to -1, -2, -3, etc., which will not flatten the curve but, rather, will make a parallel shift downward in the heating curve.

    3) or, I could raise the room compensation so that the room sensor has greater control over the water temperature.

    What do the experts say?

    Seems to me #3 is not the best option, since it could cause imbalance from room to room, e.g., if the room with the sensor heats up because there are people in it, all the other rooms would get colder. As between option 1 and 2, I don't know which, if either, is a good idea. I don't want to run into condensation issues.

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    I Would

    change building response to 1 and lower the reference temp to 165 and see where that gets you.

    Your sure the room compensation is on and has not been changed?
    The 2107 can "see" the room temperature with the BFU so it "knows" what direction to go with the water temperature.
    Increasing the room compensation may also help.

    The BFU in my house pretty much keeps the set temperature with 2 degrees always.
    It's all in the settings, keep tweaking them and you'll get it there.

    As far as the condensation issues go, I'd pull the baffles and the mustache to raise the stack temperature.
    A chimney liner is the ultimate solution for that issue and then the baffles and mustache can go back in.
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