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    Help with getting approved to take the Master HVAC exam!

    Okay, this is the first time posting for information, expertise of the trade. I'm glad such a site exist. My husband, Corey has been in the HVACR trade for over 7 years now and is ready to start his own HVAC business. I'm all for it. So here's our delima, Corey has the prerequisite HVACR Journeyman license, the required number of working hours and education. However, he does not have a master HVACR person to sign off on his application to submit. I thought it would just be easy for him to go back to the company he previously worked for to sign off on the paper work but that didn't pan out for the master they had at the time he worked for them was no longer employeedand they denied having another master sign in his place. What a bummer! Lat year he had another master he worked with sign off on the paper work, however, he got rejected by the state board in Maryland because they require you to be under the signed master for 3 or more years. What is he to do now? Is there anyway to get around this requirement? Corey also stated in order to start his business he would have to have a license master on board in order to legally contract work. So, my next question is, can he create his business in Maryland without having a master under his entity? I'm assuming the answer is no. How shoud we approach this option to getting a license master to join our non-existing business? How do we move forward?

    Thanks in advance for the information and recommendations.

    Mrs. Johnson

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    Sounds like MD doesn't want people to succed.

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