Well, evidently more and more American soldiers are; http://www.caintv.com/-military-suicides-outnumber-c

It doesn't take much to understand why. With the constant barrage of bad news about the fiscal cliff, amount of Americans who are unemployed, how many unemployed have dropped off of government records because they have been unemployed for so long and how our "elected" officials are just not doing their jobs to decrease any of this horrific daily news, its no wonder more Americans are going off the deep end.

It's interesting though, only 9% of Americans approve of their elected officials, yet 80% of incumbents in Washington were reelected. Does that mean that most of the candidates running against the incumbents are that much worse, or that we have become a nation of "vote for team" drones?

Being a clinical depressive, I understand what living with depression is like. I also understand that with proper meds, depression is very controllable in those prone to it. But what about all of the normally level people who are now becoming depressed because government is so....well....depressing? Oh well, I'm sure O'Bummercare will make it all better for us all.