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    Trane makes 3 hard start kits which comprise of a cap and a potential relay..
    My scroll compressor unit calls for a 260 but the supplier gave me a 257. Claims this will work but I'm not so sure about this one. I believe the cap is OK but wouldnt the potential relay have a different voltage setting (pickup and dropout) for a scroll compressor? Any help would be appreciated.

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    hard start on a scroll? i thought you only use them on recip's with a TXV

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    The 60 is used for scrolls when you get light dimming on startup. That is the primary reason for using a hard start kit on scrolls. I haven't heard of using the 57 on them but scrolls so seldom need a start kit that we've had a 60 when needed.
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    Some mfgs call for them in larger tonnage when loading is an issue.

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    Specifications for the models you referenced:

    BAYKSKT257: 135mfd x 330 cap, relay 35amp coil, 239volt pick up, 135volt dropout on relay

    BAYKSKT258: same cap, 35amp coil, 223v pick up, 152v dropout on relay

    BAYKSKT259: same cap, 35amp coil, 204v pick up, 150v dropout on relay

    BAYKSKT260: same cap, 50amp coil, 153v pick up, 115v dropout on relay

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