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    Useful life span of geothermal

    I'm looking to replace my current geothermal system. From what I have read on these forums, a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years seems to be the norm. My current system is 15 yrs old and I am not familiar with the new 2 stage systems. I want to take advantage of the tax credit b4 it runs out in 2016, hence the excuse for replacing the system.
    System consists of a closed ground loop and pond loop in Southern Illinois.
    What is the useful (practical) life expectancy for these newer units? I'm currently looking at Tetco TXT units. Taking into account the various REMC and tax credits, would this be a savings compared to traditional heating/cooling units costs? Credits would save me about 43% of the install costs
    Any guidance would be appreciated.

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    My experience with Tetco was 15 years ago with their early units. I was disappointed in the quality of the equipment. I worked on two of those early systems.
    The new equipment that I can see on their website has a better looking cabinet but that's all I can compare.
    2 stage equipment will be a big improvement.
    I'm leaning towards WaterFurnace 7 Series for my own house. The compressor is digital, variable speed which provides fully modulating capacity so the system can be sized for heating load, which is larger than the cooling load in our area.

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    Hello Kdean,

    My past experience with WF was not good. Could not even get their lazy rep. to size a system for us. This was after numerous calls and sending house plans to him .
    My understanding with Tetco is that they no longer outsource some of their components from WF, as in years past, and the quality has improved. I do see a lot of complaints on this forum about WF. Wonder why?

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    I have been told by contractors outside my business area that the Envision systems had problems with evaporator coils leaking. We do only a few geo systems a year but we have not had any leaks.

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