I have a new Amana 2 stage HP with Electric Aux heating that is occasionally giving me the following alarm" B0 NO ID AIRFLOW ".

As near as I can tell it is only occurring under the following conditions:
1. when the thermostat is in it's intelligent recovery mode AND
2. when the outside temp is below the Aux heat lockout temp AND
3. at the end of a defrost cycle

During normal operation, there do not seem to be any issues, just under recovery conditions. The recovery differential is not that great, I am only stepping up the temp by about 2*. The First, Second Stage heat pump and AUX are sent to "Comfort" mode, and I finish on "low stage". The system is set up as a communicating system.

Are any of you Professionals seeing similar problems. My contractor is stumped and Amana seems clueless. We are due for some really cold weather this week and I really want to get this resolved. Anyone have any suggestions where to point the service tech?

These are the system components:
Amana Outdoor Unit ASZC180361
Amana Indoor Unit AVPTC313714
AUX heat HKR-10
Thermostat CTK03AA

Thanks, Tim