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    Noisy Heat Pumps in Condo Townhouse - Faulty or nature of the beast?


    I just closed on the purchase of a 4-storey condo townhouse. Each floor has its own climate control, in the form a heat pump built into the wall.

    I am in Canada and the units are currently operating in the heat cycle. Every 2 hours or so, they seem to kick it with a "sputter", and wheeze through the next 30 minutes, and then quiet down.

    This is not so bad during the day, but at nights, they are keeping everyone awake as there is one on every floor. There is no getting away from one as each floor only measures around 500 sq. foot.

    This is our first experience with heat pumps, and I am not sure whether we got faulty units, or if this is part of the package. Is there any way to lessen (if not eliminate) the sound? Currently they are built into the walls, with a hinged metal door that leaves a 1/2 inch gap all around. Does the noise get getting in the cooling cycle?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Sounds like a Magic Pak or the like. They can be pretty noisy though there are measures that can be taken to lessen. Got any pictures of them?

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    sounds like it is going into defrost mode, but the 30 min wheezing sounds odd. But I have no idea what kind of units you have.

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Size:  50.5 KBThanks BL and Rodney.

    It is a Whalen model #VI-A-603-BO-H8. I tried to attach 3 pics here.

    It sounds just like a conventional furnance kicking in, except it is not confined to the basement furnace room, it is in the wall on each floor.


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