Hello Everyone,

After reading multiple posts from this forum for several months to better determine a new hvac system for my home, I decided to join to hopefully have help troubleshooting an issue with my new system.

Here is what I recently had installed.

Trane system includes:
AC - 4TTTR5024E1000AC (XR15)

I live in West Michigan and have a 1973, 1200 sq ft (single story) ranch style home with a full unfinished basement, insulation is good, windows are single pane and will be replaced soon. I would rate my insulation factor a 7 out of 10 now. The original 39 yr old furnace was 100 btu that was replaced.

I work for a residential builder so I work with the company quite often that installed the system and I am very pleased.

I am a bit of a tech geek so I wanted to try the comfortlinkII. I am aware that it probably can't take full advantage of the communication system but they gave me an excellent deal on the whole system because they wanted to get some of these out there and I said I would give them feedback on it. Now if I could just get them to through in a few camera's and schlage locks. :-)

Finally the question that has not been resolved yet has to do with the comfortlink II controlling the Aprilaire 600. After it was installed you could access the humidifier screen but could not adjust the settings (the up and down arrows did not appear on the screen). The next day this was resolved by a tech and employee of the company. At this point when accessing the humidity screen it only shows cooling at the top. This leads me to believe that the humidifier is not working in the heating stage, because if I push the help button on the screen it shows heating and cooling at the top of the demo picture. Wondering if this has something to do with it or not? The system was installed a week ago and prior to this we used a portable humidifier. When the system was installed the comfortlink screen showed the humidity level was at 43%, we then put away our portable humidifier. Over the course of the week the humidity reading on the comfortlink has dropped to 35%, which we can feel the difference. We have started the old humidifier once again til this problem is resolved.

Anyone have experience with this issue? Or some idea of what the next step would be?

Thanks in advance.