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    Quote Originally Posted by jff6791 View Post
    The previous photo was actually the old chimney - these pictures show the replacement. I'd agree with the flashing explanation if the stained area was confined to area down to roofline. It extends further out however suggesting a source from higher up. These are the numbers from boiler tune up a month ago:
    Weil Mclain WTGO-7
    Gross Stack Temp 460
    Net Stack Temp 400
    CO2 % 12
    Smoke 0
    Breech Draft .04
    Overfire Draft .01
    Efficiency 85%
    Nozzle 200
    Angle 60
    Spray ES
    From the height of that stack those stains are not coming from the gases at the the top.

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    in the pic's it looks as if the collar may have some discoloration another thing I have done is to cote the pieces with "spray on plasti dip" and I dont think it would be good on shingles but a watered down sulfuric acid will remove the stains so try it on a scrap piece?

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    piece of poop flashing..... did it come out of the trash can....... use aluminum.....
    it was working.... played with it.... now its broke.... whats the going hourly rate for HVAC repair

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