I bought a 510 about 3 years ago and have yet to tool it up correctly. I have some end of year money and I want to make this tool more useful. Have been looking for what I thought was a kit with the Dwyer A-303 tubes, but I can't find a kit.
Anyway, I know I want the A 303 for static pressure. If someone can direct me to the kit I would appreciate it, as I looked on the internet this morning and could not find one. I did find the 303 itself for about 11 bucks each, and I may have to just go find me a case and buy some tubing.

I also think I want a pitot tube. I am only using this for checking airflow on hvac changeouts and I may use it for varifying airflow on a complaint issue, etc. But mostly it will be for residential airflow verification for system sizing. So you guys know what kind of ductwork we see. I see everything from good systems to 4 foot boxes on the end of the unit as far as what I run into. I just need something that will tell me what I have going through the unit so that I don't bust compressors in 4 years, etc. I want to be able to verify airflow on every install and compare it to my load calc #s.

What size pitot tube will I need for resi work?

Also, I have a vane aneometer. Are these accurate for testing airflow at registers in houses? I don't see a flow hood working in residential because they are so big.
And if anyone knows of a good book on airflow I would appreciate it. I have learned a lot on htalk over the years on airflow, but I need something that will tie it all together.