Some info on who I am,
Started as a helper on installs with no clue in September of 2000. After two years doing installs of retrofit and new construction I moved into the service department, stayed in that position at the same company until spring of 2012. I moved up to lead tech working on gas furnaces, A/C systems, radiant in floor, boilers and light commercial. During that time I became NATE certified. I soon decided that it was time to move on after the company merged with another and myself having a 4 year old, I wanted to get away from being on call so often. While talking with the manager at a local supply house I soon found out that they had a position open in tech support that he said would be perfect for me. I filled out the app and quickly was hired as a field service rep (tech support) for a very large hvac manufacturer. Since being hired I have gone to training at the manufacturers plant and several others, it has been great! I am lucky to be in the position I am in and love the hours, I have my weekends back! That all being said I am now looked to as the answer man although my experience made me a great problem solver, I do not have ALL the answers and I still have TONS to learn and will be looking to this website for other opinions, knowledge and expertise, and maybe provide the same to others along the way. Doing what I do now has made me see how much help our industry needs. Cant tell you how many calls I get that are install related and could have been solved by reading the instructions, however it is nice to help a guy/girl understand something and it feels good when they "get it" and will continue to do things correctly from that point forward.

Looking forward to talking with you!