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I didn't get a chance to talk to my rep yesterday as he was on vacation. I'll get with him tomorrow. I'll be sure to discuss the restricted return with him, and also see is he can add an extension at the end of the supply run to allow pressure to build up.

Looking at the run history from yesterday and the day before, I was wondering if it is normal for the heat pump to be running 60-70 percent daily to maintain 71/72 degrees inside, when the temp is in the 30's outside?

I have the propane furnace set to not come on at all unless it gets below 20 outside, but I was curious if it is normal for a heat pump to run almost constantly when temps are in the 30s outside. If temps drop into the 20s for a full day or more, based on what I'm seeing now, it will mean that the heat pump will run for 24 hours straight.

Maybe there's more to this than just the cost to generate 100,000 btu of heat? Even though propane is more expensive, if it can deliver that heat in short intense bursts, perhaps that is more economical than having a heat pump droning away all day everyday in the winter time?

I'm having a hard time deciding if a TAM8 is better or worse than a propane fired furnace, in my situation...
Short intense burst are what makes people uncomfortable, and then they usually turn the set temp higher and get a higher heating bill.

The Heat pump won't run all day every day.