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    Amana air command 80 blowing cold air at night.

    First of all I want to apologize for asking a question as my first post, I know this is terrible forum etiquette. With that said, please help me

    for some reason, the last couple nights our furnace quits blowing heat at some point at night and just keeps moving air. the blower stays running but the fire isn't going so it's not heating. i've figured out that from the thermostat i can switch it to "off" wait a second then back to heat and it lights right up and heats up the house. but for some reason it either doesn't light at night or it goes out after it lights. i have checked and the fan is set to "AUTO" the thermostat is programmed to keep the house 70* at all times and jump to 72* at 6am when i wake up. the last 2 nights it has dropped to 66* by the time i wake up.

    the furnace is a "Amana Air Command 80" and was the original in '92 when the house was built. from the stickers on it it doesn't look to be serviced since '08 so it might be time for one.

    Any help is appreciated, don't really have the $ to call someone to come over if i can figure this out myself.

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    First off we can't give DIY information as it's against the forum rules. That being said, you need to check the simple stuff like air filter. If you're using the pleated accordian type filters, throw them away and get the cheaper fiberglass throw away type. These accordian 1" filters have horrible resistance to air flow and may be causing your furnace to shut itself off on limits. Also make sure your thermostat has good batteries inside it. Otherwise call a professional repair service. Good luck!

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    Filter is metal reusable and I just cleaned it (checked, still clean)

    Thanks for the input.

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