Hello everyone, been reading some of the posts here and they have helped alot. My wife and I moved into our house a year ago and the furnace/ac seem to be original to the house which was built in 84. Both are working great so far, but looking to get the furnace replaced as we fear it won't be that long before it gives us problems. Won't be an upgrade as the orginal furnace is already a high effiency furnace. 90% or above according to the home inspector. We plan on replacing the a/c in a few years with a heat pump (recommended by two of the companies since we are on LP, not sure why that makes a difference), but the furnace is the priority now as we live in central Minnesota.

I got three estimates. One each from a Trane, Ruud, and Bryant dealer. All three companies came recommended. Now I heard that all three brands are good brands and it is the install that will really make the difference. I thought that I would decide between them when one of them performed a load calculation. I thought if they were thorough enough to do that without being asked to, they would be thorough on the install when I don't know what to look for to see if they are going a good job or not. Not one of the companies did one.

Should this be a red flag or should I have asked for one upfront?

If this info is needed, we are looking at installing a 95 afue mod furnace. We plan on staying here for a long time and figured the extra few hundred would be worth the comfort. The Ruud and Bryant estimates were comparable. The Trane estimate did not even include the mod furnace, just the 2 stage which was close to the other two modulating.

We are also going to have an energy audit done here in the next few weeks. Could that help with load calcs or just tell us where to install more insulation?

Thanks for your time