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Amen to that.

We used to do the Philadelphia-area chain of gas stations that are the stepchildren of a large Philly refinery with the name of that large burning object in the sky as part of the business name.

There was a guy in charge that thought our trade should work for nothing, and that he knew as much as any tech. FINALLY, we jettisoned him, by going from reasonable estimates to sky-high prices, and he got so disgusted he stopped calling.

Blessed relief for ALL of us!!!!
I'm from Philly area. In fact I worked in that refinery many times when I was in the industrial gases business. I hate wearing nomax in the summer! Working the refrigeration trades in commercial settings is sooo much easier than work in any of the industrial plants whether it be oil or chemical. I don't miss it for a minute. I worked in every oil refinery from Delaware City, DE to Newark, NJ. And they are all old, especially Sun. Nuclear power plants are an entirely different animal.