Came home from the in-laws and canceled our evolution stat off of vacation mode because it still had 1 hour to go to heat our place from 62 degrees back to 72. Nothing we have never done before. Well the house heats up but later that evening I notice it getting colder. I go to our Evolution stat to find the screen totally dark and blank. Nothing I could push would bring it back. Nor cleaning the contacts and ensuring wires were still connected at the stat and furnace. I did confirm power still at my Bryant 95Plus and power at the stat, 28 volts.

I wired up an old stat to get us through Christmas with heat and wait for my service company to come out on Wednesday. Any ideas on what could have happened? Our system is only 2 years old so I am covered under warranty but don't want them to replace it without diagnosing an underlining cause and it happens again when the warranty expires. Any thoughts are appreciated and happy holidays!