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    Sanyo heat pump problems

    I am working on a sanyo mini split heat pump system. Indoor unit is a KHS1271 and the outdoor is a CH1271. I keep getting a SO1 code which is a sensor failure. I have replaced the temp sensor, the unit worked fine for 1 week then the code came back. I have talked to sanyo tech three times but they keep sending me the 5 step process to diagnose the unit. I have tested each component as directed and they all test ok as far as correct voltage and resistance measurements. When I talk to the supply house they tell me to call the tech line. This is the second sanyo unit I have installed and have had problems with both. Any suggestions will be very appreciated. Thank You

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    What temp sensor are you talking about?

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    S01 is the Room temperature sensor failure,

    Have you checked that the PCB connectors have not cracked the tracks on the pcb.
    Or that the crimps are ok.
    Personally I would measure the resitance (with all power isolated) at the pcb by placin the probes on the solder pads that are connected to the connector, ie not on the connector itself, but to where the connector is connected to. Then I would give the coneector a wiggle to see if there was an issue witht he connector, such as poor crimp, dry joint, cracked joint.
    If you have to units like this, I might be led to think that they may have been mishandled by the same persone on installation ( just a guess, not an accusasion my friend) and the connectors yanked in some way.
    All the above aussumes you have thoroughly checked the actual sensors. if not do this first.
    Also if you have a known good sensor - swap this in to prove that the sensor is not te cause.
    Good luck. Keep it methodical and you'll find the problem in no time


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