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    Old House, Navian and Turbonix

    We own a house in the PNW built in 1900. Despite retrofitting the insulation it is still quite drafty. He currently have an old, oversized gas furnace and 40 gallon gas water heater. The plan is to install the Navian NP-240 on demand gas heater for domestic and heating. These will be sperated by a heat exchanger. We will run a 1/2" line to a Turbonix MVB-8 to the attic and from there run 4" insulated ducts to the ceiling of each bedroom. In the basement we will have another MVB-8 unit and will split the four zones into 8 ducts and vent these under the windows through 4" insulated ducting.

    That's the plan anyways. The house is 1500 sf and we are south of Seattle, so have a very temprate climate.
    I'm looking for any concerns about this system related to it's ability to heat our house and any installation tips.
    Down the road I would likely install an air filtration system using the current return ducts.

    Thanks all in advance.

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    Why not use the Navien combi unit that has the heat exchanger and heating controls built in?
    One caution: the on board circ is only good for 5gpm which translates to 50k btu's@ a 20* delta T or 75k btu's @ a 30* delta T.

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    We bought the Navien we have a year ago on the advise of a plumber. Suffice it to say we have a new plumber, but we couldn't change the Navien as easily.

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    Well,, your not going to get 180 degree water temp out of that unit I do not believe and the heat output of the turbonix is 1/2 the output at the water temp the navian is going to the time you buy an indirect water heater for domestic you could have bought a combi unit.

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