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    I recently helped a friend start up a 9000 btu no name brand mini split. Put a vacuum on it, then open valves to let refrigerant into system. Due to a mathmatical error I added 1 lb instead of 1 oz of refrigerant for an additional 5 ft of line set. On start up the compressor went out on overload. Realizing my mistake I recovered all the refrigerant, evacuated and added 2.2 lbs of Virgin r22. The unit is still cutting out on overload. Could external overload be weakened??? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I obviously don't have much experience with mini splits. Thanks.

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    What is a no-name mini split? Never heard of that brand. Are you talking about a thermal overload? Its very hard to imagine the mistake that you made, 1 pound verses 1 oz is a huge error in a system that small. You can test the overload if its external, then youll know for sure.

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    Does that mini have a rotory compressor?
    Chances are you slugged the day lights out of it and jammed it.
    If it's 220 v then the chances are it (theOL) is internal.

    If it runs on 120v then there could be an OL in the terminal compartment next to the relay.

    Barring that, try reversing the compressor rotation with an "ANNIE".

    You can also use a capacitor with a jump-cord, but I would not feel comfortable posting that here because of the DIY issues is would cause.

    You're a tech, you know where to find or should know how to perform the service technique I describe Good luck.

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