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    Need helping finding replacement Thermostate for Lenox G61

    My Lennox G61 furnace was installed about 6 years ago, and has a Lennox 81M2701 thermostat. This thermostat has bid the dust... the front display is all messed up, and the furnace will not turn off. So I am looking for another thermostat. I thought it might be nice to get a WIFI one, 'cause I'm a tech geek, but I see that it is hard to find any thermostat that has the "D" or "DS" terminal. I am guessing that is for the variable speed blower, but I'm not sure if ANY thermostat with a dehumidifier terminal will work, or if it has to be something from Lennox. Can anyone suggest a replacement for me?

    Lennox G61 with a Surelight 49M5901 board.
    Doesn't have to be WIFI, but that would be nice.


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    You can go to lows and get a nest is you want cheap or easy to install.

    Or you can go with a real thermostat and get a honeywell wifi one that will work properly with your system.

    Where do you live?
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    I live in Brighton, MI. I looked at the Honeywell wifi, such as the one sold at Home Depot, and it does not have a terminal for the "D", which I think is for the variable speed blower. Same goes for the Nest units. I'm assuming that the "D" contact is important for me to get the max efficiency out of my furnace. Any idea on a specific thermostat that would work with that feature?

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    get a honeywell prestige iaq has everything you need or want in a thermostat . im sure emerson has something compatible although im not familar with there products
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    Thanks. That looks like a very advanced unit... I'm going to order one today.

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    If I was you I would have a technician wire that IAQ for you. If you don't understand dehumidification and electricity that tstat will be very difficult for you to install. If you don't jumper that module properly you will have problems

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    Thanks for the advise. I did read where I would need to jumper U1 to RH in the installation manual. Presumable, I would also need to program the U1 contact to reflect that it is a variable speed blower. I"m not sure what the choices are there, as I can't find a programing manual, but I do see that it is in option 1400.

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    You need to call a professional to install a new thermostat. No DIY advice here. The wiring will not be an exact swap and the system peramaters need to be setup. Installing a thermostat wrong could cause harm to you, your family or you equipment.

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