My Lennox G61 furnace was installed about 6 years ago, and has a Lennox 81M2701 thermostat. This thermostat has bid the dust... the front display is all messed up, and the furnace will not turn off. So I am looking for another thermostat. I thought it might be nice to get a WIFI one, 'cause I'm a tech geek, but I see that it is hard to find any thermostat that has the "D" or "DS" terminal. I am guessing that is for the variable speed blower, but I'm not sure if ANY thermostat with a dehumidifier terminal will work, or if it has to be something from Lennox. Can anyone suggest a replacement for me?

Lennox G61 with a Surelight 49M5901 board.
Doesn't have to be WIFI, but that would be nice.