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Geez robo, perhaps you didn't read the part of corny's post claiming that most of us on this forum are cowards like he is and run away from some unarmed thugs attacking us. I called him out for that and gave him a personal example. Perhaps you think corny is right?

What do you want my mind to be open up to? That we are all cowards like corny? Inquiring minds want to know. Please inform. Thank you, thank you very much
I wasn't condoning or agreeing with anything. I am simply stating that we all need to be free to express our opinions, or else we will be oppressed from one line of thinking or another. Conservative fascism is no better than liberal fascism is.

No one elses opinion of us should have any bearing on how we feel about ourselves, unless we choose to let those opinions have a bearing. If we don't like or agree with what others believe, then all we have to do is reject what they say. We don't have to opress them from being able to say what they believe. That is what the fascists on the left and the right do.