I've got news for you Robo--you CAN own artillery. You can even build your own. We used to build replica black powder cannons and shoot them at re-enactments and live fire competitions. The only thing regulated is the powder. We constructed a powder magazine in accordance with ATF specs and paperwork. Each man was allowed 25lbs. apiece and only have to chart in a journal each time he made a withdrawal and could take up to 5 pounds per day. With a special license, the cannon owners could draw up to 50 pounds per day. Now, a typical black powder cannon can shoot over one mile. While exploding ordinance was not allowed, a bad guy could certainly produce them easily.

Again, it's not what the Constitution allows but the opposite: we are allowed to have to do any d@mn thing we want except what is specifically listed in the Constitution or Statutes and regs. as long as they themselves are found Constitutional.