I have a 1br condo in Washington, DC. It has two GE PTACs, both of which I replaced only a few years ago with GE 5800's. I had hoped when I replaced them that the new units would have been quieter. Unfortunately that has not been the case. They are much noisier than many regular AC window units. They gurgle and process long after the fan's gone off (during heat phase), and now it seems when they get really going, the cowling on the fan collapses around the fan blades and makes a racket.

So the question is who makes a reliable, QUIET, efficient PTAC that will fit into the space of a GE sleeve opening? It's DC, so I need one that has both heat pump modes as well as resistance heat. It also needs to be able to be connected to a remote thermostat as the units are mounted high in the room, i.e., close to the ceiling, and they need to be able to be hardwired.


My thanks in advance,