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    Need help with Furnace / AC Insatllation - Unit availability

    I have been obtaining estimates for an installation project - 50 yr old Oil Furnace out - house has forced hot air. Converting to Gas which is already in the house. Going with 80% AFUE, adding Evap coil and Condenser. I have been working with Carrier products for the most part with a Comfortmaker and Lennox quote included from one source.

    House is 1,600 sf including finished basement ( knotty pine !! nice ). I cannot afford to go with HE equipment so i'm trying to do the best I can.

    Here's my issue. This is the Carrier package:

    Carrier - 58STA090-1-16 (Base model furnace)
    Carrier - CNPVP3621 ( evap coil )
    Carrier - 24ABB324 ( Condenser - 2 ton/ 13 SEER )

    I understand the job itself is labor intensive, BIG BEAST of an old Oil Furnace to come out. And I need to run an additional 1" gas line for the furnace...about 15 ft. and line the chimney. I am removing the indoor/above ground tank myself to save a good chunk of change.

    I am not happy about the furnace option since it is bare bones / builder grade and i'm not sure about the tonnage for the A/C. Like I mentioned it is a smaller house but I thought I would need at least 2.5 or maybe 3 ton.

    When I asked my rep about moving UP from the 58STA furnace, I was told the only option would be the 80% Infinty model. I saw 2 other models that I am interested in as an upgrade from the Base - 58DLA & 58CTA. They show Multi-speed blowers which I thought I could benefit from.

    Without going into to much detail - I was told by the Salesman that these 2 models "were not available on the East Coast. They are ONLY available on the West Coast."

    Is this true ? I contacted Carrier Customer Support and after 15 minutes was basically told they couldn't answer my question. That only their distribution centers could answer and I couldn't reach them directly.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Call another company and see what their sales people offer! With the cost of utilities increasing why would you stay with only an 80% AFUE unit??

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    The lowest quote I rec'd is substantial in accordance with my budget - and the highest quote I rec'd was 150% higher... WITH the 80% equipment. Makes you wonder what they are looking at.
    Also, another thing would be that currently I have my gas fired HWH venting in the chimney with the oil flue vent. If I did an HE unit w/ direct vent ... wouldn't I know need to move the vent for the HWH ?
    More money.

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    He went with the low bidder and thinks its only the equipment that matters.
    I wish I had a $1.00 for every response I deleted.....

    "Decidedly Superior in a twisted pathetic way".....

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    Coming on here for some advice knowing i'll be exposed to all types of responses...I am definitely green when it comes to HVAC but i'm not stupid.
    I understand that the installation is what I need to be concerned with. I haven't resigned myself to the lowest bid, but at the same time, if this guy tells me that 2 units that I am interested upgrading to are "not available" since he doesn't want to be bothered ( only reason I can think of ) then he is scratched off the list.
    I'm just trying to find out if this is actually the case - that specific units are only available regionally.

    Thanks again

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    Was a laod calculatoin done. 90k BTU doesn't sound nessesarily out of line, but a 70k might also be adequate. Smaller unit will be a little more efficeint to operate, quieter, more even heating and sligtly less expensive. Plus you only need a 3 ton blower anyway for that AC unit and I think a 17" wide coild might be slightly chearper than a 21" coil that was quoted.

    Supply houses don't stock what they don't sell a lot of. Carrier also have soem rebates out there and utilities have rebates for HE equipment. You might find that the cost increase is marginal, and the unit will pay for itself in 2-3 years with the difference. IF your in a norhtern climate, carrier 80% units may be limited in what they stock.

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