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Thread: Heating issue

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    Heating issue

    furnace started blowing air that is colder than it should be. On my normal setting(23.5 degrees C) it blows VERY cold air but when I crank it up to 28 degrees or so its blows my normal air. When I looked at the furnace the flame looked normal, and the pipes leading out of the unit were hot. The outside temperature right now is around -26 degrees + windchill. Any ideas why this is happening?

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    is it just a furnace or is it ac too, or a heat pump? you may want to call a pro before it gets too cold.

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    Provide some return air / supply air temps for us.

    How old a furnace?

    Single stage or multiple stage heating?

    Oil, NG, or propane fuel?

    What is its Input & output Btuh?

    Got any idea what the airflow CFM of the central blower is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snupytcb View Post

    you may want to call a pro
    _before_ it gets too cold.
    Last time I checked -26'C /
    -14'F was C O L D.
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