We have a site that has a four year old JACE 6 with an NDIO 34.

About a month ago there appeared to be some sort of power failure and the MCC beside the JACE tripped some of the pumps. After having someone on site reboot everything, we seemed to be okay. I can't tell you is the JACE had tripped as it was running when the customer went to the panel.

Prior to this, we would occasionally get kicked out of the JACE while working on it. We used to think it was simply the IP the customer was using.

Over the next few days we would notice that the JACE would freeze up and we could no longer gain access.

We went out and tried to gain access through the RS232 port. We were able to do this but it only gave us some basic info.

After that we took it apart from the NDIO and powered it from a power supply. It would then start to lock up again. We noticed that when the battery was connected it would take down the JACE. Without it connected it seemd to be fine. We reconnected the JACE to the NDIO, but without the battery connected, and noticed that the NDIO would take it out. Over and over again the NDIO would tgake it out.

While this is a Vykon JACE, and the only NDIO available was a new JCI FX. We installed this and all seemed to be okay.

We left it for about six hours and then noticed it would lock up and we could not gain access to it. One of my guys can occasionally get in through Workbench, but then after a longer time (12 hours) we get permanently locked out. The only way to get back in is to power down and then power back up.

This is a LON system. The field controllers are Honeywell Excel 10's (about 20 total) with some Cutler Hamer VFD's, a Trane Chiller, a Mistubishi LON interface panel and one Distech controller.

As I said, the system is about four years, and we used to to think that getting kicked out was an IP thing, but now we think there was something else going on.

Any thoughts on this?