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    gas fireplace, where is the thermocouple?

    Went on a call today for a blazeking pegasus 9300. Pilot won't stay lit. I removed the logs to gain access to pilot assy. The assy. only has a pilot hood, ignitor and a thermopile. What on this system holds the pilot valve open? Is the ignitor also a flame sensor? Does a thermopile ever double as pilot and main valve control?

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    Powerpile holds your pilot. Check voltage from powerpile to the valve

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    Thread relocated to the "Fireplace" section of the site.

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    Yes, the thermopile performs both the pilot safety and the main operator functions. There are many things that could be wrong here:
    low inlet gas pressure
    dirty pilot burner orifice
    clogged primary air holes in pilot burner
    pilot burner flame diverters not adjusted to TP
    vent obstruction
    logs out of place
    secondary air ports in burner obstructed
    poor connections
    faulty snap discs in safety circuit
    wiring faults in Th-Tp/TH circuit including faulty switch or too many switches (max 2), non-millivolt type thermostat (and that is only if this unit is listed for a stat)

    Best left up to those familiar with servicing hearth appliances.

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    The thermopile does ,you can test it by milivolts. Your range will be 500 -700 milivolts good.

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