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Thread: Orion's Nebula

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    Orion's Nebula

    I've been on short term disability almost 5 weeks now due to surgery to remove a genetic defect. About another two weeks or so and I'll get my work release. In the mean time it has given me some time to practice some astrophotography. This is a 14 image stack @ 2 min 53 sec of exposure using DeepSkyStacker @ Default settings and processed through Lightroom 3.6 @ TiFF 16bit:

    2012-12-17 - 14 Stack B by The Fantastic G, on Flickr

    Astronomy is my Wife's hobby and she wants pictures of deep space objects... so now I have to learn how to do that because she certainly doesn't have the patience.

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    Is that avatar Bill Cosby as a black cat?
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    Yeah, based on part of Internet meme's centered on Bill Cosby. Here's the original image:

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