Had an incident last week, leaving a customers house the driveway was one of those painted tan color type covering over concrete. It was slicker than snot! A newly hired co partner journeyman was getting his orientation week in with me. I find myself doing the slam-bam jig to face myself and would have broken my check bone, nose, shoulder, thumb, and who knows what else. This co journeyman is beyond a XXX size shirt and 6'3 or more and not an ounce of fat, built like Hercules. I came to a dead stop about 1/2" air-gap from my ball cap hat bill. He picked me up like a toothpick to him and said J.B. "I got ya back, its all good"! Needless to say my eyeballs were looking side to side while thinking how did this guy move that quick like smooth butter and pull that one off?!!!