My furnace has a mind of it's own...please help!
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    Hello and thank you for allowing me to post on this forum.

    About a month ago my furnace would not ignite due to a faulty "pilot light heat detector". I am sorry I do not have the technical name for this part. I replaced it and about a week ago my furnace is back to it's old tricks. Instead of the ignitor clicking continuously it only clicks once and stops. Therefore, the pilot light does not have to kick on and light the gas. I try shutting down the system and it works after I do it a bunch of times. When it does start to work it only stays on for about ten minutes and then shuts itself off again. The fan will still be running but no hot air is being pushed out. I played with the pilot gas adjustment and that seemed to work at the beginning but it no longer does the trick. Do any experts have any opinions on what the problem is and how to fix it?

    I appreciate your help in advance.


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    What to do ?

    Open up the yellow pages and pick out a contractor. Maybe talk to relatives or friends and see if they could recommend a particular service company. This is not a diy site.
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    right, here! in the heartland of the homeland!

    i know alot of ex-spurts!

    when in doubt whip out the phone book, and call em out!
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    I am online right now looking for a technician. I thought I would try this to see if it could be an easy fix and get me through the weekend. I guess the fireplace will get a workout this weekend.

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    Call someone that knows what there doing, before you blow up your house. Turning on and off your furnace can be very dangerous with the problem your describing.

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