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    Rheem System not working

    My wife and I purchased a home about 5 months ago in southeast Georgia. The existing, and original to the 21 year old home, HVAC system is a Rheem Heat Pump and Air Handler, with a Honeywell Thermostat. I had "almost" no problems with it during the summer when running the AC. It did blow a breaker a few times while running the AC, but the AC/R tech that my home warranty company called out couldn't find any issues. My problems now are that all of the metal parts in my heat pump, keep freezing over, while the heat is running, which I have never heard of; my thermostat has three heat "settings", "heat on", "auxiliary heat on" and "emergency heat on"; when the thermostat says "heat on", it blows cool air, and makes a clicking or clunking noise, when it says "auxiliary heat on" it blows warm air and heats just fine, and the noise goes away, I thankfully have only gotten it to go to "emergency heat on" once, when I purposely, on a 70 degree day, opened my house and turned the heat on to 80 degrees. The fan never turns off, even though it is set to auto on the thermostat. I have space heaters, and a fireplace that will get me through the next few nights, until a normal business day. Then I plan on calling my home warranty company to have one of the local AC/R companies come out to look at the issue. My question is, what does this problem sound like? Is there something specific I should expect the tech to perform or look at? What might I expect his/her diagnosis to be?

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    Just upgrade your system, its very old in heat pump years.

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    Sounds like its low on refrigerent if its not heating and freezing over when in heat pump mode. Move your tstat setting to emergency heat and just utilized the electric resistance heat until a tech can come fix the problem. It may be time for a new system at 21 years old.

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    Unit is not defrosting properly.

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