I have a Model 700 with a Model 58 humidistat on an Amana propane furnace. The furnace is about 3 years old as is the humidifier. The humidistat is the second one and is less than a year old. I have a programmable thermostat that raise the temp during the day to conserve cost. The heat does not come on too frequently during the day.

With that said, here is my problem and from what I can recallmit has been a problem since furnace intallation. The humidistat calls the furnace to start the blower motor (only). The blower motor comes on but for only about 5-10 seconds and then turs off. This will happen all day if I let it. I have to turn the humistat off so this cycle stops. Like I said, replacing the humidistat did not resolve it and the wiring has been checked by two different HVAC companies. Any thoughts? Thanks