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    Frown I have a buzzing sound coming from the burner / ignition unit

    Noticed a noise similar to an electric alarm clock buzzer, coming from my furnace(it's old but I can't replace it yet). It sounded like the solenoid that opens the valve was going bad so I checked the net and other people seam to have the same thing. So I replaced the the B/I valve, it fired right up and about an hour and a half it started buzzing again so I checked the voltage from the transformer, 10.9 volts(not 24) so ok it's the trans, replaced that, same thing, I am sure the sound is coming from the valve it's self used a mechanic's stethoscope to trace the sound. It seems like it's got a piezio buzzer inside, it runs fine for a while and then buzz.... any ideas?
    thanks Father Time

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    No DIY advice here. The buzzing could come from a number of sources. If the buzzing is effecting the system operation, call a professional and let them have a look.

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    it could be buzzing because its a spark ignitor and you notice it because its not lighting
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