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    Can you tell me how to light the pilot on a Lennox Duraglass Furnace? Mine went out and we are in the midst of a blizzard. I called our contractor and he hopes to get out sometime today but already lost 5 degrees. I am pretty handy but just don't know where the pilot is. Can you help?


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    You have an oldy but goody there.

    But to try to write the direction for you would be cumbersome and subject to misinterpretation. And I would not want to see you get hurt over a misread instruction I provided.

    There should be lighting instructions on the area above the burners.

    Try that.

    It is against forum rules to go any further than I have already advised you.

    Please let the tech you called take care of it safely.

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    Does your local gas co make service calls? They may consider low temps an emergency and respond quickly

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