Hello everyone,

So I am new to this forum and really only have (what I believe to be) a simple question. I know there are rules to the forum and recommendations aren't exactly allowed, but I just wanted some general info on what the most efficient setup would be for my house.

I just purchased by home back in August and found through home and visual inspection that the previous owner had (for whatever reason) the condensate line from one (of two) of the A/C units tied into the secondary drain piping, which in turns runs straight through the attic and onto the roof. This has obviously deteriorated this area of roof over time and is something that I would like to have fixed. The primary condensate drain line runs straight down from the attic to under the master bathroom sink, where it would tie into the sink drain. It is not connected at this time and was obviously cut out at some point. The two options are obvious to me: Either have a plumber re-configure the original piping in attic AND install an "L" pipe to connect the primary line to the master bathroom sink drain OR run a long pipe from the secondary drain unit on the outside attic to run somewhere safe (gutters, ground, etc.) The second option would probably be the most visibly less-appealing option, but as for efficiency in the drain line itself, I am not sure what the best approach is.

I appreciate any help you guys have in advance and really just want to know what the standard approach is for this condensate issue. I am a newbie homeowner, so just want to have some advice before I bring someone in.

Thanks again,